1935-1987 Constitution, I.P.R.A. 8371, U.N. Declaration Of I.P. IPRA CASE Book And Other R.A. And P.D.

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20 100 Peso Bill 1935 Constitution







1.    The Logo of the 100 Peso Bill of  Banco Sentral, where Land with the Sun, is the sovereignty over the private property  rights of the Philippine Territory, underneath the  land is the sun with 3 stars Hierarchy and the two flag presents the Administrators over the territory, July 4th 1946, Independence of the Republic of the Philippines granted by the United States, to continue Administration as part of Independence over the Sovereignty  of the National Territory.

2.    The Spirited Lady in the South rises and the New Government of the Sovereignty, The Kingdom of Filipina Hacienda for the Maharlikhans and the New Filipinos.



SALIGANG BATAS, is the Philippine Constitution of 1935


Article 1, as the National Territory of the Administration of the Republic of the Philippines, territory ceded to the United States by the TREATY of PARIS, concluded between the United States and Spain on the 10th day of December, eighteen hundred and ninety-eight, the limits which are set forth in Article III of the said treaty, together with all the islands embraced in the treaty concluded at Washington between the United States and Spain on the 17th Day of Nov. 1900 and treaty concluded between the United States and Great Britain on the second day of January nineteen hundred and thirth, and all territory over which the present Government of the Philippine Island exercise jurisdiction.



Article XIII of the 1935 Constitution


Section1: Section 1. All agricultural timber, and mineral lands of the public domain, waters, minerals, coal, petroleum, and other mineral oils, all forces of potential energy and other natural resources of the Philippines belong to the State, and their disposition, exploitation, development, or utilization shall be limited to citizens of the Philippines or to corporations or associations at least sixty per centum of the capital of which is owned by such citizens, subject to any existing right, grant, lease, or concession at the time of the inauguration of the Government established under this Constitution. Natural resources, with the exception of public agricultural land, shall not be alienated, and no license, concession, or lease for the exploitation, development, or utilization of any of the natural resources shall be granted for a period exceeding twenty-five years, renewable for another twenty-five years, except as to water rights for irrigation, water supply, fisheries, or industrial uses other than the development of water power, in which cases beneficial use may be the measure and limit of the grant.


R.A.3110 ELECTRIC GRID OF THE PHILIPPINES ENDED 2006 AS DESCRIBED OF THE ACT.  Henceforth, the Republic should located the Private Property Owner for a Pre and Prior Consent of  the Land of the Indigenous especially the terms of the Government already have been terminated specified on the Treaty of Paris on ARTICLE XVI.


Article XVI:  It is understood that any obligation assumed in this treaty by the United States  with respect to Cuba are limited to the time of occupancy thereof;  but it will upon TERMINATION OF SUCH OCCUPANCY, ADVICE ANY Gov't established in the island to assume the same obligations:  (Please see "Oath of Undertaking" attached)


Sad to say, that in reality anything the Republic Government is presently operating  unconti-tionally,"  due to the Land Territory, which  is now, under the Souvereignty, of the Kingdom of Filipina Hacienda to enact  a new Government and to strengthen its ACT and governance of the Laws of the Land.  A "status  quo" as well, and even in the decision  is well  stated by the Supreme Court this last night in the National Television March 16, 2010, is a must.


The Writ of Execution of Possession and Demolition, executed by the "RES JUDICATA" KINGDOM OF FILIPINA HACIENDA, along with the Sovereign Rights of land international and national laws, must be respected and protected  by the State as a policy mandated in the protection of the land rights of the private owner.   "Res Judicata"  is binding world wide due to the Judgement of the Land Rights signed under the Treaty of Paris, using O.C. T. 01-04 and its derivatives.  Clearly, the Sovereign is never a subject or under the jurisdiction of the hierarchy otherwise the government  violates the "Res Judicata", per se.


We can not ignore this "Writ",  It is Heaven here on Earth did execute this Act and Judgment, and it is described as FINAL AND EXECUTORY, can not be appended or repelled  by any court, upon the Demand of the True Owner of  rightful claimant described attached together with the Customary Laws  described in the Holy Scripture written all punishment for any defiance of this ACT, including the punishments are as well defined is the Decision of the Compromise of Case Civil 3957P; National and International Judgment made by the world treaty.


EXUDOS! End of time, is well written by the Holy Prophets, described  all the punishments that will fight against the will of the Father Almighty, that is about to come here on Earth until God's Plan for His people will be fulfilled, until  then, the elements will soften its destruction!  Please,  let us not get hard on ourselves, stop the greed and power, but, let us unite in PEACE, and LOVE  for the prosperity of the Nation, so as our world turns to the right direction.   especially,  the innocent and mass and our children   who trusted your administration,  finally, we can serve "God and County!


Lastly, attached is the summary of the Philippines constitution of 1935, that can not be revised by the Republic. But can make additional amendments so to protect the constitution.  For more info: you contact the Office of the Sovereignty attached.