Declaration Of Autocratic Monarchy
Constitution I.P.R.A. 8371

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Rising of the Lost Paradise Filipina Hacienda







            Everybody was so busy preparing for the big holistic and momentous events of our lives awaited since time immemorial.  We were so inspired doing things in order, under the supervision and guidance of our Living God Her Royal Majesty Queen Salvacion Legaspi Y Espiritu Santo!


FEBRUARY 23, 2008




            The first part of our ritual started at exactly 4:30 dawn  officiated by Her Royal Majesty Queen Salvacion Legaspi Y Espiritu Santo witnessed by Bae Antoniette Mejorada, Sr. Rebecca C. Laygan, an NCIP representative and members of the GMHSS. Then the fresh blood offering as ritual, and purification in the land as a reminders of our forefather who died in service with the Lord, to thank for its fulfilment and was spread and sprinkled out around the farm to give blessing and protection and keep away the pest and other bad elements preventing them to enter in the farm.




At exactly 8:35 in the morning the groundbreaking ceremony started. We had our processional march started from the bank house up towards the gateway. The order of the parade was the one that carrying the candles; the flowers; the incense; the salts; the rice; the 13 white stones; the coins; then the members of the Ministry; visitors; guests; friends and relatives of the Queen and Her Royal Majesty Queen Salvacion Legaspi Y Espiritu Santo and His Royal Majesty King Salvador Hans Y Espiritu Santo. This is the  original set up of the procession up to the entrance where we set up our Altar, instead a sudden change of the program.  Majesty sent us out of the gate and had all of us march down out of the garden and we proceed the procession around the vicinity of the garden and made a grand de tour after 400 meters of distance walking from and back to the entrance of the gate of the garden of Eden.  While walking we did singing,  songs entitled Ang Kahayag sa Adlaw; Ang Bayan Ko; Ang Bayan Kong Tanging Ikaw; Oh Yuta Namong Minahal and Ako Ay Filipino. Then as we reached the entrance everybody bow and kneel  down to pay tribute and respect to our Anointed Head Elder, Her Royal Majesty Queen Salvacion Legaspi Y Espritu Santo, as she welcome all of us at the entrance of the Gateway of the Arc. .  Now, finally we had entered in the Lost Paradise in the Garden of Eden!  What a commemoration!  Such and uplifting and overwhelming experience that could not be described even with a simple word anyway so, heavenly feeling!  Then we went up to our seat and continue with our program, as we kneel then the Queen arrived and everybody stood-up then she made us sit in our proper position for comfort.


Her Majesty did Her thanksgiving prayer to the Almighty Father and bless the Living Faithful and all presence.


Then followed by the reading the Holy Scriptures from the book of Genesis 1-3, Leviticus 24-25-26; Leviticus 27:23-24; Isaiah 62; and 66

Along with the reading of the Holy Scripture Her Majesty Queen Salvacion Legaspi Y Espiritu Santo explained and gave emphasis on each verse on how it manifested in today's events!


After reading the Holy Scripture Her Royal Majesty then made an offering unto the Father Almighty first She offer the coins saying, that may the God of creation may bless us and open up the treasury for His Kingdom so we may be able to work here in the paradise. May the good Lord of Heavens intervene to all authorities concerns for it is now, due to be released for the sake of the fulfilment of His Kingdom.  The lost paradise now had risen, the Garden of Eden, and for the first time let me quote you on her declaration in her prayer and said, Now of original name of the Philippines , the return of the "Filipina Hacienda" is with mankind! Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia! This is now the new name of the Garden of Eden the rising of the "FILIPINA HACIENDA". Then the groundbreaking of the lost arch in the Garden of Eden now the Filipina Hacienda, finally had been grounded open its landmark!  Viva Mindanao, viva the children of God, the Maharlikan now and forever. Amen!


And the Queen, took  the tray full of stones and threw a stone all over! Meaning She is now calling all the descendant of Jacob and Ishmael to come home safely and get the promise as God had promised to our forefathers.  But she always add the message to return faithfully and serve God first so we may received the promise of life everlasting!


Her Royal Majesty gives thanks to everyone and said "this is the most beautiful day and achievement so far She have had in Her entire life. Why? Because, we now will open the arch of the gateway to heaven, the lost paradise and the rising of the Filipina Hacienda of the Father Almighty. Allelulia, Alleluia, Alleluia. Amen.


This was followed by a lunch.  Everyone came in to the fellowship house for lunch, and then waited for many hours before we started the next program for the other tribal leaders called and had delayed there way up in the Hacienda for the next agenda.




At  3:30 in the afternoon after a long awaited Datus coming from Misamis Oriental came in and after thirty minutes we started the program proper witnessed by the inhabitants of Taytay, Ditucalan, Iligan City; all the Datus; Baes and the members of the Ministry.


The first part of our program is the singing of the National Anthem by the GMHSS Living Faithful and it was followed by singing of  "Ang Bayan Ko",  Ang Bayan Kong Tanging Ikaw.


Brother Robensio Saga gave his welcome message. He gave emphasis on the identity of Her Royal Majesty Queen Salvacion Legasp and he also mentioned why they had reach the place.


It was followed by a tableau presentation entitled "Oh Yuta Namong Minahal" by the  youth group in Filipina Hacienda.


Then Her Royal Majesty gave Her message to all present and She said;


The Rising of the Lost Paradise, the Garden of Eden, in Taytay Farm, Ditucalan and  at this instant, I will  re-named  it  back 'HACIENDA FILIPINA, (Isaiah 66 8-9), so God's Power and Blessing and Spirit  will hover  in this land, especially to those guest, expectators and Living Faithful who follow and serve you Father, thru this Ministry and its Covenant, in accordance to your commandments for us here on earth and by the Power vested in me by the Holy Spirit of the Almighty Father, (Isaiah 62:1-12) as my heartfelt dedication of my fervor endeavor, please help the present my Love and offering, for God and Country,  Ladies and Gentlemen, and Countrymen, the Return of "THE HACIENDA FILIPINA". Thanks to you Lord God of All!  THE MOST OMNIPOTENT, OMNISCIENT, OMNIPRESENT GOD!  We Praise and Glorify you!  WE HONOUR YOUR NAME; THRU YOUR CHOSEN ANOINTED SERVANT, THE ALPHA AND OMEGA, HRM SALVACION LEGASPI Y ESPIRITU SANTO!  SO YOU SAY, SO IT WILL BE DONE! AND SO BE IT!  (Luke 1:67-80)

FILIPINA HACIENDA, is the lost and original name of the entire Philippine Archipelago, found under the Document of O.C.T. 01-04S, also known as MOTHER PROTOCOL TITLE - ORIGINAL CERTIFICATE TITLE OF FILIPINA HACIENDA, administered under the Treaty of Paris, that was hidden and now, just had risen back to stand and to promulgate God's work for the unity of all Humankind! "PRO DUE ET PATRIA"! (Galatians 4:1-7)


In the Constitution of the Land of the Republic of the Philippines, as we are the Sovereign, the people as the Philippines as our Preamble's address,   and under the Provision of the Philippine Republic Act. 8371, was signed by Ex-President Fedil Ramos, in 1997 as an Act.  The Rights of the Indigenous Peoples of the Philippines, and of its Human Rights which is the subject of this Act as also Declared and Commissioned by the United Nation!  As written in the Articles and Provisions of the Treaty of Paris.  In the year of 1942, United States of America, returned the O.C.T. 01-4S for RECLAMATION, for this reason, in the Philippines Judicial Court , many had filled to claim of the title en banc, in the Land Registration Act, as the land Administrator of the Land.  One of which is  Tallano Foundation under Mr. Cenon Marcos,  Princess Divina Oñate and Titong Cayo, Hermogenes  and to name a few. Lastly, Republic Act  892, by Late President Ferdinand E. Marcos, made this act and Signed and Approved dated February 23, 1976, that all Land of the Republic of the Philippines is all cancelled and considered all fraud, except the O.C.T. 01-04  and its derivatives.  Now, we are on the 25th year since (Leviticus 25:23-24 in the year of the Jubilee-is the year Restoration) the declaration, in the year of the jubilee, and the 5th since God had called me to fulfil His mission.  Now, February 23, 2008 we are celebrating again the Silver Jubilee since the signing of the R.A. 892.  Just be reminded it was February 23, 2003 since my calling started doing this mission, and this 5 years later, we are reaching this milestone of success!  What a life!


The Certificate of Ancestral Land, of ILIGAN CADASTRE 292, situated in this ground breaking proclaimed, that  was once owned by my Grandparent  Winceslao and Francisca Paradela Legaspi, with the CADT under LRA. Toren  Lot, 2314, Originated by the O.C.T. 01-04 Protocol (a.f.), TCT -18453 (a.f.) issued on my birthday, dated November 22, 1956 under Homestead and Free Patent , officially and legally  owned  and possessed with a Deed of Absolute Sale from the Sibling of my Grandmother under Land Registration Act. Certified, that this is a correct plan of the survey made and signed by GEAM. G. DIAO (Geodetic Engineer), dated on June 15, 1997, personally, or under his direct supervision in conformity with the provisions of applicable laws of the Republic of the Philippines and the rules and regulations of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, and further certify that this plan accurately indicates the boundaries of the property as indicated by him on the ground by the survey claimant or his  authorized representative and that he assumes full responsibility for the technical correctness of the survey and the accuracy of the monument setting.


To continue, under Department of Environmental and Natural Resources Lands Management Service of the Republic of the Philippines, in Region Office No. 12 in Cotabato City, Philippines, Hereby certified to the technical correctness of the survey plotted herein, the original field notes and computations of which are on file in this office; where\\fore, the same is hereby recommended and approved by Chief, Regional Survey Division, Benigno L. Daga, signed and attested dated 7-11-97.  Position verified by A.L. Mamiscal, approved and signed with attested dated on ff. 7-4-97, 7-7-97 Psd-12-026834.


This Ancestral Land, that is now, Proclaimed and Renewed name of to "Filipina Hacienda", is the land of the Home coming of the renewed Living Faithful that are Divinely inspired and called thru intervention by the Almighty Father bestowed upon me.   To those who wanted to return and follow God's guidance thru the covenant of this Ministry.  The Lost Children of God, the ground breaking of the Gateway of the Lost Arch of the Paradise, is the earmark and  the  Landmark, of all Living faithful, a call of a  need to return to God in His Kingdom here on earth as part of the fulfilment of the Holy Scripture, as in this Monumental Holistic Ground Breaking of the Lost Arch, the Gate way to Heaven on Earth  Proclaimed and Honored by the Anointed Head Elders, in participation of the National Indigenous People of Mindanao, Region 10, under the Regional Provincial Officer, Datu, Sergio T. Sumatra, and Bae Antoinette Mejorada and Staff, the Multi Tribes of Mindanao, including the Federated Royal Sultanate League of  the Philippines,  Grand Sultan Ibrahim Camama, Sultan Dr. Kadil, Sultan Engr. Ali Mimbisa, Sultan Mastura D. Lao and the rest of the Sultans of the Philippines, and the Bai Laibe's , Sultan Makabangit of Sultan sa Ditucalan, by offering his love and burnt offering to the Ministry, Frank And Teresita Fuentes and Family of Mahayahay, Iligan City for the supporting our documentary film since from the beginning, The Francisca Paradela Legaspi Elementary School parents, teachers and students for there performance, The Barangay Captain of Ditucalan, Honorable Mrs. Igleceria Cañete, and all members of the council and the Officers-In-Charge Ms. Rose, the Barangay Captain of Buru-un, and the officials of the Municipality of Linamon, Sister PMH Mercy D. Padua, and all members of the Ministry especially from the living faithfuls of Tinago, Atuyay, Surigao Del Norte, the ICAG in the Philippines under the command of Ret. Col. Letrondo and staff with Ret. Col. Arcadio Poliquit. The PNP in Ditucalan for bringing peace,   the residents of Taytay and Ditucalan with their support to bring peace and unity within our community, my cousin James M. Legaspi, as member who give full support to the Ministry, Sir Salem Arellano of DXRJ  for supporting the Hacienda Filipina, Rene Legaspi for helping me in my power generator connection, my cousins who are present my love Brother Carlos and Edna Legaspi and Son Eric for caring and sharing, Minda Alonto and Jamalludin Alonto, Nikka Legaspi Obed and Nina, Jos "Joe and Alet Legaspi, Lane and Angelica Legaspi  and family, above and most of all my maternal Mother Mrs. Eduvigis Amojelar Legaspi.  To you all, together with the Almighty Father, and thru the Anointed Head Elder, the Alpha and Onega, the Queen of Motherland Philippines, the Queen of Flowers, the Queen of Light, the Queen Power of Filipino Faith for Salvation; the Queen of the South; and the Queen of Salvation, HRM Queen Salvacion Legaspi Y Espiritu Santo, I say thank you for participating in this Memorable and Holistic Event.


The ground breaking, the rising of the Lost Paradise, in  the Garden of Eden and now the Renewed name, "Hacienda Filipina" , the reformation and the need  of the calling of the lost Spirits Children of the Father, the Maharlikhan (Mahal na Likha, the chosen), The Original, and now the rising of  Oldest  Grandfather Tribes, since time immemorial, God's Chosen Children, from the 7th oldest Grandmother of all Tribes, (AMHUMAN) that is now scattered all over the world, now the Father Almighty, thru the Anointed Chosen, had called them for unity of humanity, love, fellowship for brotherhood,  peace and prosperity of all Mankind.


 Thru Divine intervention in accordance to His will and plan that has been foretold by the Holy Prophets of long ago, now the time has come for its fulfilment!  I have proudly felt the Honoured from the Almighty Father, he had Bestow and the Blessings and the power of His Love upon me and thru His Holy and Infinite guidance of Wisdom, that lead me in this chronicle of Life is so overwhelming in my behalf that He trusted me in this endeavours of life and I am sharing the success and glory to you all!


Applause!  Hurrah! With a Big hand for all the Assembly.  Followed again by the Tribal Leaders Message and most of the speakers message was a calling and shouting for unity for the claim of their Ancestral Domain and they were happy that Her Royal Majesty Queen Salvacion Legaspi Y Espiritu Santo was  doing Her best in claiming the Land. There are others who were surprised knowing that Philippines is under in one Title the OCT 01-4 which is also owned by one person non other than the Living God Herself.


In expressions of our happiness for this very unforgettable events that all of us had witnessed of God's power and mighty and in thanking the Lord that we are given the privilege to serve Her in Her Kingdom here on earth and for given us a chance to know God personally, presented our different talents in Praising and Honoring the Almighty Father thru the Anointed Head Elder, in the form of dance, singing and dancing with singing.


The program was ended at exactly 7:15 in the evening with full of joy and thanksgiving to the Living God Her Royal Majesty Queen Salvacion Legaspi Y Espiritu Santo.



Groundbreakingceremony 230  IMG_7471


Photo on the left side showing the stage preparation and on the right side is the final outcome of the stage ready for the groundbreaking of the lost Paradise - the Garden of Eden and the return of the Hacienda Filipina on

February 23, 2008 at Paradela-Legaspi Ancestral Land at Taytay, Ditucalan Iligan City



IMG_7550 Groundbreakingceremony 150


The above photo showing the beauty of the Hacienda Filipina located at  Paradela-Legaspi Ancestral Land at

Taytay, Ditucalan Iligan City  taken on February 23, 2008 during the rising of the Lost paradise- the Garden of Eden



Groundbreakingceremony 139 IMG_7493


The Living Faithful of the Living God kneel down and give thanks to Her Royal Majesty Queen Salvacion Legaspi Y Espiritu Santo for giving us the privilege to enter and serve Her in Her Kingdom here in heaven.


IMG_7538  IMG_7559  

Her Royal Majesty Queen Salvacion Legaspi Y Espiritu Santo gives thanks to the Almighty Father

for these momentous events and on the living faithful of the Living God